About Us

Viva Shots was born out of fear and love. Fear of loosing some of our closest friends & family during the pandemic, and the love we had for them and wanting to heal them. Together with the help of David’s mom, we made our first batch of bottles. Our friends and family were so impressed with how well they were healing with the help of these sweet, spicy, tart shots. Some could finally taste something after loosing their taste buds. Others started to regain their energy. Some people were just so excited about finally having a regular digestion! Word of mouth spread fast and orders kept coming in, so we kept making Viva Shots. We are grateful that in a time where people were feeling hopeless, we brought them health, good vibes & lots of love one Viva Shot at a time. If you haven’t experienced the power of ginger, honey, lemon, turmeric, garlic and black pepper yet, we hope you give Viva Shots a try and see what it can do for you. Thank you for letting us keep you healthy, Viva La Salud !

Abis & David Valdivia - Co-Founders of Viva Shots Long Beach, CA